Date & Time
21 November 2015, 12h00 - 22h00
Tiger's Milk, 44 Long Street
Entry Fee
R120 with a t-shirt / R50 without

The 8th annual Cape Town Pub Crawl is hitting the streets of the Mother City on Saturday, 21 November 2015!

Tickets are SOLD OUT!

We've reached maximum capacity for this year's crawl. No additional tickets will be issued in advance or sold on the day. If you missed out, please join our mailing list for updates on future events.

An established event on Cape Town's annual calendar, the Cape Town Pub Crawl is designed as a unique way to experience the heritage, diversity, culture and nightlife of the oldest and most beautiful city in South Africa, while visiting some of the best pubs and bars that our city has to offer. The perfect way to meet new people and make new friends!

Before you sign up, please take note of the following:

  1. The general entry fee is R50. You'll receive a survival pack when you arrive.
  2. Add an extra 70 bucks and you'll receive an official souvenir t-shirt! Available in various styles (Fitted/Ladies/Mens) and sizes (Small to XXX-Large). Locally produced.
  3. Secure online payment by Credit Card or EFT
  4. Ticket sales close at midnight on 18 November 2015. Sign up early to reserve your place and avoid disappointment, as numbers are limited!
  5. Tickets are refundable (subject to a cancellation fee) or transferrable
  6. Strictly no under 18s

All good? Great! Click on the button below to visit our Quicket event page where you can purchase tickets and reserve your place. View our FAQ below if you have any questions.

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How did it all begin?

The Cape Town Pub Crawl was inspired by London's legendary Monopoly Board Pub Crawl, a popular event first organised by Tim 'The Tourman' Oberg in 2003, which covered 14 pubs in 6 hours. We felt that Capetonians deserved a similar challenge.

And so in 2008, a group of no more than 50 friends took to the Mother City streets for the inaugural Cape Town Pub Crawl: Buitengracht to Buitenkant and Back! It proved to be a huge success and became an annual event, growing bigger every year.

Originally held in March (around Saint Patrick's Day), we moved the event to the end of the year to better coincide with summer: warmer weather, longer days and happier vibes!

Our past events:

How many tickets are available?

Ticket numbers are limited to 200 due to logistical constraints.

Book your place early to avoid disappointment!

Why must I pay an entry fee to attend?

The R50 general entry fee buys you a survival pack which you receive on arrival, which includes a detailed route map, wrist band (required for entry into some of the venues), sticker or bar coaster, and a few yummy snacks to help keep your energy levels up.

A portion of the fee also contributes towards administrative and organising costs, and competition prizes.

Please note: each crawler is responsible for their own drinks and food.

Can I buy a ticket on the day?

We announce the start venue to ticket holders just a few days before the crawl. If you haven't purchased a ticket then you won't know where to meet up.

Because numbers are strictly limited, and venues have prepared ahead of time, we need to know roughly many we're catering for. If you come along with a friend but you don't have a ticket then we won't turn you away. But we can't guarantee that you'll get a t-shirt or a complete survival pack, which includes the wrist band required by some of the venues.

I already bought a ticket but I can't attend. What are my options?

You have two options: either cancel your ticket (which is subject to Quicket's cancellation policy fees), or transfer your ticket to someone else.

You shouldn't have a problem finding someone to buy your ticket. We suggest waiting until the last week prior to the event (this is usually when we sell out), and then posting on our Facebook Event page.

10 pints... in 10 hours? I don't think I can manage that!

Preparation is key! If you're not drinking fit, here are some helpful tips:

  • Pace yourself! Drinking all afternoon is an endurance event. Know your limits, and keep your mates in check as well. Slow down if you're struggling and give your body a chance to catch up.
  • Drinking on an empty stomach is a rookie mistake. Start your day with a big, hearty breakfast, and grab a bite to eat along the way to keep you going. Avoid salty foods.
  • Rehydrate! Drink at least one glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume.
  • If 10 pints is too much for you, try half-pints instead. We won't judge!

Any more advice for a first-timer?

Crawl like a pro.

  • Start your day with a big, hearty breakfast, and grab a bite to eat along the way to keep you going. Most venues have a food menu or an adjoining restaurant. If you plan on eating at a venue, try and arrive ahead of the group.
  • Pace yourself! Start off at a safe pace and see how things are going when you reach the half-way point. Sneak in a shooter or two, but don't go overboard or mix your drinks. Know your limits, and please drink responsibly.
  • The venues are prepared for our arrival, but the smaller ones are sometimes placed under pressure. They're doing their best to accommodate our numbers, so keep this in mind. Be patient and polite with the staff and other patrons.
  • If you're among the first to arrive at a venue, order quickly to make way for those behind you. Or if you arrive at a venue and find that it's taking strain, just find a seat and chill before trying again a bit later. Inevitably the group spreads out over the day, so don't worry that you'll get left behind.
  • Order and pay for your food and drinks collectively rather than individually whenever possible.
  • Take advantage of the drink specials on offer.
  • Stick with a group, or adopt one if you're flying solo. Don't wander off by yourself - please stick to the route map provided.
  • Make prior arrangements to get yourself and your friends home safely.

Arrive home like a pro.

Check the MyCiTi timetables for your route, or arrange for a 24-hour taxi:

  • Cabs On Call - 086 136 7222
  • Excite Taxis - 021 448 4444
  • Marine Taxis - 0861 434 0434
  • Rikkis - 0861 745 547
  • Sport - 021 447 4444
  • Uber - @uber_CT

What should I bring with on the day?

Here's what we suggest:

  • A comfortable pair of walking shoes. You can bike, skate or even run the route too, if that's your thing.
  • Enough cash to cover your drinks and food for the day.
  • Your cellphone, so that you're in touch if you stray from the group. If you're status updating, tweeting, or posting selfies on Instagram, please include us! Our hashtag is #ctpubcrawl.
  • A camera - how else are you going to remember what happened?
  • A black fabric marker pen - if you buy a t-shirt then you'll be able to fill in (empty) the glasses on the reverse side of the shirt as you complete the crawl.
  • A pack of cards or the rules for your favourite drinking game are always good bets.
  • If you fancy dressing up, don't let us stop you! Who knows, you might win a prize!

Which venues do we visit?

The route changes a little bit each year to include new spots or old favourites, and to keep things interesting for veteran crawlers.

We announce the first venue only to ticket holders just a few days before the crawl. You'll receive the route map as part of your survival pack when you arrive.

Follow us on Twitter @gonepubbing - we'll announce our arrival at each venue.

If you'd like us to consider your pub or bar, please email your details to

How do we get around?

All venues along the route are within walking distance. The route is designed to be both scenic and time-efficient, but the time allocations may vary based on your walking pace, group size or drinking speed.

Use the route map times as a rough guide - you are welcome to spend a bit longer at your favourite venue if you prefer, but don't get completely left behind. We have more fun as a massive group and so we encourage you to keep up!

You're more than welcome to cycle, skate, run or (dare we say it) crawl between venues. Find an abandoned shopping trolley for that early peaker in your group if you have to.

Most of the fun sometimes happens between venues. But please don't wander off by yourself - stick to the route map provided as much as possible.

I'm going all the way! How many crawlers will be with me at the end?

That's the spirit!

We have yet to keep track of successful attempts. On average, we'd estimate the completion rate to be somewhere around 50%, though it varies from year to year.

Anything else?

We'd love to hear from you. Send any questions, suggestions or feedback to We're also on Facebook and Twitter.

10 venues, 10 pints, 10 hours

Starting at mid-day, we'll visit 10 venues throughout the inner-city, in as many hours. Your mission is to have a drink (a pint of beer, shot of tequila, or whatever your challenge) at each venue on the route, unless you're just coming along for the walk and a few casual drinks with your mates (who are you kidding!), which is perfectly acceptable too. All venues along the route are within walking distance.

The crawl is organised with the full encouragement and cooperation of each venue we visit. A crew of experienced organisers are available to assist you on the day.

Although this is a pub crawl, we do ask that you practice responsible drinking: pace yourself and know your limits. Please take extra care by making prior arrangements to get yourself and your friends home safely.

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